Go An Extra Mile For You To Produce A Manuscript of Publication Quality

Many authors have been expressing these concerns when they write scientific papers – How do I write English that is professional and easy to read? How do I create figures that are readable and appealing? There have been a variety of editing, translation and illustration services in the industry, yet the condition is not better off due to their varied qualities. In August 2014, AME Editing Service emerged with an aim to connect authors with accomplished experts to deliver flawless services, and go an extra mile for authors to produce academic papers of publication quality.

Have your manuscript polished by an expert in your field to ensure it is free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other common mistakes.

Get your Chinese manuscript ready for publication in native and professional English to burst in the international market.

Generate or reproduce your figures to the highest possible standard conforming to your chosen journal’s specifications.

John Ayric Gray
Chief Language Editor
AME Hong Kong office;
University of Toronto,
Toronto, Canada (Sept. 2004-June 2009)

Jeremy Dean Chapnick
Chief Language Editor,
AME Hong Kong office;
United States University Carthage College, Wisconsin, USA (Sep 2012 to May 2016)

English Editing

We provide a second set of eyes that not only spot fundamental English mistakes you may have made, but also enhance your writing by conveying your ideas in a logical and compelling manner. Our editors add the right finishing touch to ensure your writing is precise and concise, and, if need be, restructure and supplement your article to make it the very best it can be.

Our service is not merely confined to manuscripts, but cover letters and other forms of documents. Start experiencing our English editing right now!

Translation (From Chinese into English)

Matching your paper with translators who are experts in the field, we deliver you high-quality Chinese-English translation whilst ensuring field-specific accuracy. Our translation service is geared toward preparing professionally-translated manuscripts comparable to those written by native English speakers.

Each service request will go through three stages:

Peer Review

Each paper requesting for translation service will first undergo peer review by a special scientific review committee before it is accepted for translation.


A first draft will be prepared by a professional translator in the same area of study, and will then be forwarded to the author for verification. Any inappropriate translation can be adjusted at this stage.


After the content is confirmed, the translated text will be sent to a professional who is a native English speaker to add a final touch to the language and make sure it is ready for publication.


Having figures that are clear, illustrative and appealing is the key to a successful paper. Our service allows you to customize publication-ready figures set to your required specifications. This includes adjustments to resolution, file type, size, color, font, scale and layout to enhance readability and professional appearance.